Cathrine Knudsen

Artist Cathrine Knudsen has recently received great response and an important position in the art market with her delicate oil paintings. The previous exhibitions in mustered more than 500 visitors on opening day and visitors queued for the exhibition which was sold out within a few days.

Most of the paintings are made up of several layers of paint, and have different structural surfaces. With the need for many layers of oil paint to dry means that her painting is a time consuming process, and each image may take between three to four upto six months to be completed. The technique also allows the images to have a story that can be read in depth, through the layers and across the surface. The paintings are complex in which the artist cuts out the forms and shapes to create layers and nuances, thereafter to retrieve the images through cutting and induced wear. Oil painting in several thick layers creates a powerful in-depth effect. Although Knudsen follows a red line of approach in her creative effort the motives are allowed to change during the creative process.
The paintings can be regarded as abstract approaches of nature’s own processes. Nature’s movements and structures are at play and challenge the spectator in Knudsen’s canvases. Various organic forms manifest themselves as evidence where the eye cannot rest before again taking in the painting’s very tactile surface. Delicate simplicity and tranquility of the images is crucial, especially in paintings where Knudsen has worked with cracks that give an almost poetic reference to nature’s fragility. Many do sense an almost meditative quality in Knudsen’s paintings. When standing in front of them you are likely to make new discoveries and interpretations and the images will call upon your immagination to create your own personal stories.

Tresnitt laget hos Trafo:
Jeg har vært så heldig å få komme til Magne Furuholmens trykkeri hvor jeg har laget nye grafiske verk. Jeg ønsket å skille tresnittene fra den øvrige grafikken min og valgte en mer fargesterk palett, men likevel i mitt uttrykk. Avtrykket oppstår etter trykking fra en utskåret plate av tre.

Jeg har de siste årene valgt å dykke dypere inn i den grafiske verden. Flere teknikker passer godt til mitt «slitte» naturaktige utrykk. Estudi de Graval I Tècniques i Barcelona er et fantastisk verksted hvor jeg var så heldig å få jobbe. Master Ignassi startet sin karriere med å trykke for selveste Picasso. Verkstedet er en familiebedrift og jobber med mange kjente nålevende kunstnere fra hele verden. Lithografiene har jeg laget hos Dag Dammen på Grafikksenteret og i de siste årene hos Anders Fredriksen hos Fredriksensgrafikk.

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