Erlend Briggar Larsen

Erlend Briggar Larsen er født i 1972, og er oppvokst i Haugesund. Fra han var i 11–12 års alderen har
han tatt en rekke tegnekurs, først i form av Åke Skiölds brevkurs, og deretter flere kurs i akttegning på
kulturhuset Slakthuset i Haugesund. Etter artium tok han tegning form og farge på Åkra videregående
skole, før han i 1992 begynte på Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen. Der fullførte han hovedfaget i tegning i 1997.
I 2003 fikk han graden Master of Fine Art, fra New York Academy of Art, og som en del av denne utdannelsen
studerte han også en periode på Ruskin College of Fine Art i Oxford. Briggar Larsen har to
ganger hatt kunstverk på Høstutstillingen, han har hatt flere separatutstillinger, og i 2002 fikk han stipend
fra U.S. – Norway Fulbrights Foundation.

My travels take me places worldwide but my time is primarily split between my studio in Norway and New York City. In Norway, I find a solitude and inspiration with nature and rural living. In contrast, New York City has an energy with a large and diverse art community that is unique and a great source for development.

Of late my travels have taken me west to California. I love the peaceful beaches of the Pacific, calm and steady so unlike the North Sea. It is like you are in a trance, with gentle strokes and how I’m fascinated by the life of the surfers. How they are so dedicated and morphed into the sea. A bit like sea lions.

My focus is not on one style or a single medium when painting or drawing. Depending both on the subject and what I want to express, one-time ink may feel right and another charcoal and so forth. When creating a piece I look at the connection that I have with the subject and how it/they inspires me.

From a young age, I have had an interest in drawing and the art world. Prior to entering High School, I knew that art was want I wanted to study and make a career at.

Please feel free to peruse through what I have posted. Some work is from earlier times and others more recent. For time to time, I will change pieces out so please enjoy.

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