Jonny Andvik

A New Old Master
The painter Jonny Andvik (1966 – ) is one of the foremost figurative painters of
his generation in Scandinavia. Born in Porsgrunn, Telemark, Andvik studied at
the School of Graphic Design, Lille Ulefoss from 1984-86 and at the Exeter
College of Art & Design (England) four years later. He also studied the work of
the old masters and, as a young man, painted in the studio of Odd Nerdrum.

Jonny Andvik had his first soloshow in 1987 and has since then exhibited his
work in Europe and USA – London, Seattle, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Munich
and Oslo to name a few places. He has also participated in group shows with
the Nerdrum school – at the Steen Gallery (Oslo), both at the Kitsch-annuale
and at the Kitsch Biennale, at the ‘Kitsch 2004’ show at the Telemark Museum
(Skien), the Porsgrund Gallery (Andvik/-Nerdrum 2004) and at the
Kitschkatakomben – Haugar Artmuseum (Tønsberg) in 2002 among several
other shows.

A respected educator, Andvik has taught over 700 students in his School of
Painting in Telemark. He have workshops in landscape and figurepainting.
His work is in public and private collections.

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