Line E. Marsdal


Born in Oslo in 1974. Still live in Oslo. Work in Oslo.
Occupation: ARTIST

I work somewhere without definitive. Between art, design and production. In visual arts and sometimes different materials / products.
Equally fascinated by ancient craft techniques as by new digital opportunities. Old stuff + new stuff = fun!
Nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit.

My art world is full of animals and other slightly misfit individuals.
And the ‘urban feel’.
From the rough to the tender, from simple to complex.
Many different expressions and techniques are mixed. So many directions to explore, to combine, to explore again…

Right now, – mostly paintings and DGA (digital graphic art) artprints.
Intense periods of printmaking (linocut) or ceramics when an idea will not wait. And for the linocut, -making layers I can use when creating DGA.
Or when materials or projects call for #COMBINATION. Happens quite often come to think of it…

Some times I do commissions as well. Mostly in the ‘urban street style’.
For a living room wall, an office or anywhere else…

‘Headquarters’ is Purenkel, my combined art studio and art gallery,
– and the place where I spend most of my time.
If you sign up for one of my workshops, – this is where all the fun happens.

Love waffles, think # takes communication to new heights, artistic pursued by a monkey, dislike umbrellas and running pants, – and love words such as ‘plysjmyk’. (No good translation available.)

Give name to and write stories about the ceramic sculptures I make.

Impatient but accurate.
Less is not always more.
More is not always more.
Not everything has to wait until later.

Want to know more?
Follow me on Instagram, link in menu.
That’s where the daily art stuff happens.

So …. who are you?

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