Patrick Loste

Patrick Loste was born in 1955 in France.

He lives and works along in the countryside surrounded by horses in the Pyrenees on the French Spanish border.

He has drawn and painted since he was young. He started life as a blacksmith and turned to painting as his sole activity 20 years ago. Capturing the great scale and colours of the mountainous landscapes of the surrounding countryside, he paints the sky melting into the rocks; landscapes become abstract scenes. His pieces depict wide open spaces with sprawling land which could be seen as a reflection of the freedom of the uncomplicated lifestyle he leads. Loste’s mountain workshop is a vast open space, the walls witness to his preferred colours of black and green with touches of deep blue.

In his work, he focuses on man and nature. His favourite themes are landscape and horsemen; men and horses are shown in huge landscapes with mountains where the sky looks like it is melted in the rocks; the landscapes almost become abstract scenes, creating an aura of energy and spontaneity.

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