Tom Eidsvold Larsen

Tom E. Larsen was born on the 20th of August 1966 in Oslo. He grew up and still lives in Oppegård with his wife and children. He earned his master’s degree in Graphics at the Art Academy in Oslo spring 2013 and has started his own studio at the old Tyrigrava Kro autumn 2013.

Tom started on his way to become an artist late in life. On the 8th of August 2004, he was subject to a work accident when he was employed as Loftsmeister at the Det Norske Teater in Oslo. His right shoulder was shattered during the accident, and unable to continue his work, he had to find an alternative career.

Tom has dyslexia, and his interest in drawing led him to the art school. During his studies, he has explored the various graphical techniques and combinations thereof. He is focused on good technical craftsmanship in his work, and is a perfectionist.

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